The Explore phone gives you instant access to the information you need for your outdoor activities.

Image of the Customisable outdoor dashboard screen on the Land Rover Explore phone


From the home screen of your Explore device, you can access the unique, customisable, Dashboard app. Set up dashboards by adding or removing widgets that show the most relevant information for all your activities. Choose to see data from your device sensors, such as your GPS position, barometer reading, altitude, or compass heading, alongside detailed weather information such as the sea temperature and swell height, the wind speed and direction, the snow conditions, or the chance of rain.

All this information is available with just one tap.


For high quality off-road mapping, the Explore phone comes with ViewRanger preloaded and optimised. This award-winning outdoor app features global, downloadable terrain maps, featuring details such as peak heights and contour lines, crucial for planning walks and hikes. It also offers access to tens of thousands of routes and trail guides. Maps and trails are downloadable in the app, and can be viewed and used offline.

With a voucher included in-the-box, you have free access to country-wide premium topographical maps from leading national mapping providers - such as Ordnance Survey in the UK, IGN in France, and BKG in Germany - or download custom map areas spanning multiple countries.*

ViewRanger also includes Skyline - an augmented reality experience, which overlays labels for local landmarks over the top of a camera view. It's a fantastic way to orientate yourself and better understand your surroundings in the great outdoors.

*premium mapping not available in every country. Refer to FAQs for more details.

Image of ViewRanger viewed on the Land Rover Explore phone
Explore Hub screen on the Land Rover Explore phone


The Explore Hub provides a curated collection of great apps for a whole range of outdoor activities.
This specialised catalogue of apps in the Explore Hub only includes recommendations relevant to a wide range of outdoor activities.

From hiking, cycling, and water sports, to travel tools and planning, Explore Hub will help you to discover the apps that will help you make the most of your Land Rover device. Listings link you right through to Google Play, so you can still download (or pay for) apps using your existing Google account details - but finding great outdoor apps is now so much easier.


You have the option to install the suite of Land Rover InControl apps when you first set up your phone.

These apps allow owners of compatible Land Rover vehicles to monitor their vehicle's status, location, and (where supported) to remote start their vehicles.

Home screen of Land Rover Explore phone


The Explore phone launches running Android™ ‘Nougat’ (v7.1.1), with a scheduled upgrade to Android Oreo. The device receives regular security updates and patches.

Android is largely unmodified on the Explore phone, ensuring you have access to all the standard Google experiences you would expect. But thoughtful details - like a Night red filter mode to reduce screen glare if you're walking, hiking or reading the screen after dark - have been added to help ensure the Land Rover Explore is optimised for everyone with a passion for the outdoors.